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In the event that you are pulled over by the Washington State Patrol and accused of a DUI that is an arrest that will cost the DUI driver roughly $10,000 and will have an enormous effect on your life. In the event that you have been included in a DUI accident and there are injuries or even death, this is a life altering event both for the driver and every other person included. For a situation like this, the DUI driver ought to contact a Seattle DUI attorney or criminal defense attorney promptly. The longer you wait, the more unclear the details of your story get, so it is essential to plan a free legal consultation today.

Here are two actual DUI crashes:

Outside Seattle close to Tumwater, early Saturday morning, a DUI accident happened on I-5 killing one individual and harming others. The accident occurred before 6 a.m. at the point when there was a crash of the two cars in the northbound paths near milepost 100, reports Trooper Guy Gill. The report didn’t say the BAC level, but since somebody was killed, the driver is accused of vehicular manslaughter.

The following night in Seattle, three vehicles were included in a crash with similar awful outcomes. There was one killed and three injured according to KIRO-TV news. The accident additionally happened on I-5, and State Troopers detailed that the driver was a 21-year-old male impaired by alcohol. In his car was a 23-year-old female traveler who was death on arrival.

The DUI driver additionally harmed three different people, yet both drivers, one driving an SUV and the other in a blue traveler vehicle were captured for vehicular crime in light of the fact that the reason for this lamentable accident is suspected to be road anger. Washington Statute 46.61.520 states that vehicular manslaughter will be charged if the individual harmed dies within three years of the accident if the driver was found affected by liquor or any other drugs and was driving carelessly.

A man driving impaired finds that it’s harder to react quickly and make correct judgment choices, and the decisions they do make won’t be safe ones. At the point when impaired, it is expected for that individual, male or female, to speed, weave through activity, run stop signs, get to be distinctly occupied and for the most part work the vehicle rashly. In the event that you have been included in an unsafe circumstance like both of these while impaired, don’t attempt to deal with anything alone without the consultation from anyone else. Contact a Seattle DUI defense attorney and learn your rights in connection with this crash.

Virginia DUI Attorney David A.C. Long

If you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia, it is important that you seek out a DUI attorney for legal advice and representation. DUI convictions have serious consequences, so it is important for you to understand the full extent of possible penalties. DUI cases also often involve technical aspects that may give rise to defenses to the case. Virginia DUI attorney David A.C. Long can provide legal assistance to those facing traffic offenses or DUI charges.

A DUI conviction can result in financial penalties, jail time, probation, license suspension or revocation, community service, mandatory treatment and may impact certain types of employment. Because of the possible penalties, it is important to be informed about your case. An experienced DUI attorney like David A.C. Long will ensure that you understand how a DUI conviction can impact you.

An experienced DUI attorney will be able to review your case and identify potential defenses to the charges. In some cases, charges may be reduced to a less severe offense or even dismissed.
Police officers are required to respect important constitutional rights of drivers. In some DUI cases, police officers fail to follow procedures and laws that are intended to protect these constitutional rights. If a police officer failed to follow the rules, then you may have defenses that could result in dismissal of the case. For example, in order for a police officer to make a traffic stop, they must have at least reasonable suspicion that a law violation has occurred. If a police officer lacked a sufficient reason to stop your vehicle, then the case may be dismissed.

DUI cases also often involve complex evidentiary tests, such as field sobriety tests and breath tests. These tests have defined procedures that must be followed by police officers. If an officer fails to follow the proper procedures, evidence obtained from these tests can be thrown out of your case.

If you have been charged with a DUI or other traffic offense in Virginia, contact the Law Office of David A.C. Long as soon as possible. Their legal team will ensure that you understand your rights and the possible consequences. They will advocate on your behalf and make sure you are treated fairly. Call today to schedule a consultation.