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El Monte Crash Leaves One Dead

Glenn Tad Kawaguchi, 61 years old, was the Los Altos resident involved in a vehicular collision that resulted in the death of a pedestrian in Mountain View. He will be facing criminal charges says the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. On April 6th, Kawaguchi was arrested on one count of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

After posting $25,000 bail, Kawaguchi left police custody, and his attorney explains that he intends to plead not guilty.

The collision happened at El Monte Road near the intersection of Marich Way. The victim was Michelle Montalvo, a 54-year-old Los Altos resident; she was hit by Kawaguchi’s vehicle while attempting to cross a street in a designated crosswalk. Her sister shares that she was only a few steps behind her.

Kawaguchi attests that he could not see Montalvo until it was too late. The accident had taken place before sunrise and Montalvo was dressed in dark attire, said Steven Nakano, Kawaguchi’s attorney. While drivers must yield to people crossing the streets, pedestrians are still legally responsible for exercising caution when using a crosswalk, he added.

“The real question here is whether my client could have been able to see the victim give them the right of way,” Nakano emphasized. “It was before sunrise, my client was going the speed limit, and his lights were on. The pedestrians were able to see his vehicle long before the driver could see them.”

In the police report, a Toyota Prius driver who was in front of Kawaguchi’s SUV confessed that she didn’t see Montalvo or her sister until after her car had gone through the crosswalk.

Kawaguchi consented to a blood test which was collected by police officers at about an hour after the accident the results revealed no traces of drugs or alcohol. Kawaguchi also assured police officials he wasn’t distracted while driving and agreed to hand over his iPhone to show that he was not texting or calling while driving.

If found at fault for the death of Montalvo, Kawaguchi could face jail time and fines.

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