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Should You Contact A Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury claim can be a long and frustrating process, especially when the victim is severely injured. Regardless of the level of the accident, the respondent insurance company will still be looking for methods to limit a claim as much as possible and are only obligated to the company and their client until a case goes to court. Negotiating with the insurance company, or even multiple insurance companies in some cases are no task for a novice injured victim because they are defended vigorously and can be very complicated issues when the recoverable damages are determined. That is why it is always necessary to have an experienced and aggressive Orange County personal injury attorney representing your case.

Maximizing Case Value

The value of an injury claim can be impacted by several factors. Specific items can be requested as compensatory damages such as lost wages and recovery of medical bills associated with the accident injury, as well as claims for property damage in auto accidents. Some damages are then totaled, and determination of some benefits is based on the level comparative negligence of the injured victim. Also, there may also be multiple negligent parties to the accident, depending on the material case factors. Various negligent parties mean the potential for multiple claims, which can be a major positive for your injury recovery possibilities.

How Comparative Negligence Can Impact Your Claim

California uses pure comparative negligence law, which means that even those 90% at fault for an accident can still recover 10% of their compensatory damages. Your Orange County personal injury lawyer can argue that your contribution percentage regarding the accident is as low as possible. This is often where a case gets the most contentious, as it can help increase the value of a final settlement. Insurance claims adjusters routinely argue that the injured plaintiff’s contribution level is greater than the initial determination and want significant input concerning the final percentage. A typical accident victim is no match for a professional negotiator from the insurance company and having s substantial attorney can ensure a maximum benefit payout for your injuries when they recognize the insurance company tactics.

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Never attempt to represent yourself when filing a personal injury claim. The primary insurance company may not be the only stream of revenue available, and very often will make a quick low offer to settle the case if they see it can be finalized without your benefit of legal counsel. Your personal injury attorney in Orange County can make a big difference.